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Create your fulfilling homestead

We all want to build a property that looks like us, that meets our needs, tastes and desires. However, this requires a lot of time, thought and resources. I sincerely believe that everyone should have the means to do it.
CleverHomestead’s commitment is to share as much information as possible so that everyone can realize their projects and flourish.

Our achievements

Since 2007 we (by ourselves)…

  • built a super insulated, ecological and economical residence;
  • created a large vegetable garden on rocky ground;
  • planted fruit trees;
  • maintained the forest to harvest firewood;
  • built a henhouse;
  • built a veranda;
  • learned to live by respecting our habitat, our environment;
  • created a fulfilling living environment for us and our children.

Now we are preparing the construction of a sugar shack!

self building
of yourself

After spending so much time searching for information and preparing my projects, now I want to share as much useful information as possible. I want to make sure that everyone can create a pleasant home and thrive. It’s my challenge today!

CleverHomestead puts at your disposal the best resources to realize your projects and fulfill your life.

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