Rolling ladders for library

Rolling ladders for library make great loft ladders, giving you a chic look and the convenience of a ladder that rolls out of your way when you’re not using it. There are several companies that make rolling ladders to your specifications so that you can ensure that the ladder is the perfect height for your loft. They are also available in several different looks, materials, and finishes so that you can ensure that your loft ladder matches the rest of your home’s décor. You can also find modular staircase kits in many sizes and colors. These kits create actual staircases, rather than apartment ladders, but are designed to take up very little space in your home. Modular staircases are a good option for people who might have difficulty climbing an apartment ladder.

Rolling library ladders hardware

If you already have a ladder or you plan to build one by yourself, you can buy a hardware kit to assemble your own rolling library ladder. Your hardware kit will include one rail, two stoppers, two end caps, bottom rollers, upper rollers, and all necessary screws. You only have to plan your project.

Find Loft Ladders through Architectural Salvage

The most environmentally friendly option for choosing a loft ladder is to visit local architectural salvage companies. You’ll likely find a wide variety of old ladders at an architectural salvage yard, and you may be able to get a great price. Many dealers will cut the ladder down to size for you, too, if needed. Be careful to examine the ladder thoroughly for safety before you buy it. In some cases, you may need to reinforce the ladder’s rungs before installing it. You may also want to refinish the loft ladder to preserve it and to make it better match the style of your home.

Consider Furniture

Furniture that can be used as a stepladder is a novel choice that can also be extremely practical. The most obvious choice is a traditional Asian tansu cabinet, which stair steps up. In addition to being the perfect way to enhance an Asian design, a cabinet like this will provide lots of storage, too. Depending upon the height of your loft, it may be a challenge to find a tansu cabinet tall enough to make a suitable ladder, but you can always consider having one custom built. Check with local carpenters and woodworkers for quotes.

Think Outside the Box

There are several non-traditional options that can work quite well as ladders for lofts. One novel approach is to purchase metal handrails used in making homes handicap accessible and install them directly on the wall leading up to the loft. They are sturdy, take up very little space, and will look great in any modern or industrial décor. This option is completely customizable and very inexpensive, too. In downtown locations, living spaces with lofts are becoming more and more popular. They allow for comfortable living in a small amount of square footage and help to create an urban feel to a space. Choosing a loft ladder that is creative as well as functional will help you to design a home that is practical and stylish, as well as reflective of your own personality.

Ships Ladders

A ships ladder is a wise solution to access a mezzanine or any elevated living space. This steep type of stair is perfect when you don’t have enough room for a traditional stair. Furthermore, it provides more stability than with a ladder.

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