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Best garden storage sheds for sale

The shed in the backyard, is, usually, a multipurpose shed for seasonal storage or gardening and land caring. These dimensions are often limited to a maximum of 8 x 10 feet. This type of shed has no windows, can be made of wood, vinyl or metal and its price is relatively low.

Best Storage Shed: Resin, plastic

Best Storage Shed: Metal, Steel

Best Storage Shed: Wood

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Best Living sheds for sale

Greenhouse Shed (greenhouse Sheds for sale)
Potting Shed (potting sheds kits for sale)
Office Shed, Workshop Shed (Office Sheds for sale)
She Shed (she shed kits for sale)
Studio Shed or Backyard Studio
Shed foundations

The Planning and Questions

These days you can find a wide variety of shed kits for many purposes. The possibilities are limitless. For example, you can convert a storage shed into a living place for office working, kids playing, or relaxing. The most important thing is planning. You have to figure out the type, the design and dimensions of that shed, depending of its purpose. All shed kits share the same basic design, 4 walls, and a roof; they can be built of wood, metal or vinyl; and the design can vary widely. Most often a storage shed kit made of wood offers you the most flexible design, variety of sizes and long-lasting durability. Metal sheds provide a good solution for the homeowner who needs storage at an economical price. The vinyl sheds offer great durability and ease of construction but are limited in styles and dimensions.

First, you will have to answer these questions:

  • What about the local laws?
  • What are your needs now… and in few years?
  • What dimensions?
  • What shed type you like?
  • What can you afford?
  • Where to build that shed?

What about your local laws?

The first thing is to meet your city officials to see if there are particular requirements for property line setbacks, size and height restrictions, siding and roofing material, fire codes, forest, and trees protection. You may have to ask for a building permit depending of the type and size of the shed. You also may need the services of a surveyor to be sure the building is built in the right place.

Then you will know what you can do and can’t do.

What are your needs now?

Ask to yourself and make a list of all the possible uses or purposes for this “building”. (Then try to predict your future needs)

  • Storage for garden tools (wheel barrow, rototiller, shovel, rake, spade…). [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for lawn and tree caring (chainsaw, lawn mower, lawn tractor, trimer, wood splitter, shredder…). [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for bicycles and any sports goodies. [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for motorcycle, motocross, snowmobile, quad ATV, scooter… [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for home things that can’t fit in house anymore (need more space). [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for tools, gears. [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for any seasonal goodies: christmas stuff, BBQ, . [Storage Shed]
  • Storage for pets and livestock. [Storage Shed]
  • Workspace for woodworking. [Workshop Shed, Office Shed]
  • Workspace for gardening: potting, seeding, planting, cutting, growing, tools maintenance. [Potting Shed, Greehouse Shed, Garden Shed]
  • Workspace for computer, writing or any office working. [Office Shed]
  • Workspace for painting, sculpting or any artworking. [Workshop Shed, Office Shed]
  • Relaxing haven outside home. [She Shed, He Shed, Studio Shed]
  • Living hideaway in backyard. [Studio Shed]

What dimensions?

You could be inclined to build or buy a smaller shed because it’s cheaper. But think about it first and do the maths. For example, building a pressure-treated wood foundation for a 12′ x 16′ shed instead of a 10′ x 14′ shed will take a little more time. But, by adding 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep, you blow the surface from 140 to 192 square feet!
A 37% expansion by an addition of 20% in width and 14% in deep.

And check the difference in the total price of materials for both options. An augmentation of 37% of the surface or volume doesn’t mean an augmentation of 37% in the cost of materials.
This is also true with shed kits. An example I see right now is the 10′ x 12′ version of a shed kit for $2,400 and its 10′ x 16′ version for $2,700.
33% bigger for 12.5% more expensive! A great deal.

Also think about your future needs. Do you plan to have kids, organize a garden, buy a fat bike, buy a lawn tractor…? You could need much more storage space.

So be generous with the dimensions, while staying reasonable. It could also be smart to opt for a 2 storey shed if the local laws can permit it.

Personnaly, I was first planning to build a 16′ x 24′ shed and I finally opted for a 2 storeys 20′ x 24′ with multi-purpose areas: storage, woodworking and maple sugaring.

What shed type?

If you prefer the rustic style of a garden shed built with salvaged wood boards, old windows, old door, and rusted metal sheet roof (I want one like that! ;-D), you should opt for a self-building DIY shed project base on construction plans, like below. The self-building project will allow you to use the wood type you want like rough-sawn lumbers, posts, beams, and planks. Which will give a nice look to the

But if you like the nice shiny look of the fresh paint of a brand new construction… go for a shed kit or pre-built shed. Of course, be ready to pay the price.

Then you need to think about these points:

  • 1 or 2 storey? (see about the local laws below)
  • What type and color of the siding is possible? (local laws)
  • Could you create a multi-purpose shed?
    Mix of: storage, workshop and garden shed; greenhouse and potting shed; office, studio and she shed…
  • What kind of foundation is possible?

What can you afford?

How much cost a shed kit?

  • The minimum price for a cheap vinyl or metal small storage shed seems to be $250.
  • Figure a minimum of $1000 for a bigger vinyl or metal small storage shed.
  • And figure at least $3,000 for a wooden 10′ x 12′ shed kit.
  • You can pay up to $10,000 for a fancy designed church style wooden 12′ x 12′ shed kit or a big barn style 2 storey 16′ x 24′ shed kit.
  • Then, you will have to add the cost of the foundations.

How much cost a self-built shed?

If you are rich of time you can save a lot of money and build the shed yourself the way you want. You can expect to SAVE HALF THE PRICE of a shed kit and much more comparing to a pre-built shed. You know, the price is not specified in the material list of the shed construction plans. You will have to do the math for yourself and look for the best prices in the lumber yards and hardware stores. You will be proud of leading that project yourself and use the wood type you want.

All you need is good construction plans, clear instructions and guts.

Where to build that shed?

You need to consider the terrain. Are there any trees or roots? Is the ground level? You also need to consider accessibility factors. Are you going to need to rope up? If so you may want to pick another spot for building a shed.

Where can you build your shed?
Where can you build your shed?

Not only picture yourself carrying all of the building supplies to and from the spot you choose but also getting stuff out of it and putting it back. Will it be easier for you to just let stuff pile up in your garage?

Don’t pick a spot in your yard for your garden shed where water is going to collect and sit. This point is especially true if your shed is going to sitting directly on the ground.

How much direct sunlight is going to hit your shed? Is the afternoon sun going to be beating down broadside turning your shed into a kiln?

Direct sunlight will heat up the insides as well as unnecessarily age and harm the wall cladding. If one side of your shed gets torched by the full sun, you’ll probably be chipping and scraping paint more frequently.

Shed Plans and DIY
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You have decided to build a new shed? Great!
Now what are you doing?

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A well designed and nice looking storage shed
A well designed and nice looking storage shed.

Many different designs for each type of project are also included. For example, there are hundreds of designs for outdoor buildings, from small sheds all the way up to a complete stable. Choose whatever type of shed or storage house is right for you. Pick from fancy ones or more utilitarian designs.

If you don’t have carpentry skills, don’t worry. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the professional tips used by the pros. Learn how to use carpenter tools, follow the right safety rules, and how to do your woodworking projects professionally so that they will look great and last.

Moreover, MyShedPlans brings you valuable information for all your home projects. You will learn professional guidelines for plumbing, electrical works, foundations, plastering, building codes, wallpapering, installing fireplaces, decorating, tile, stone work, working with cement and mortar, and so much more!

With MyShedPlans, you can finally become the handyman you can be. You won’t feel helpless when the faucet will break. Easily install improvements, like new lighting, with ease.
Got a new dog? Make him feel welcome with his own doghouse.

All you can build with MyShedPlans
All you can build with MyShedPlans.

The MyShedPlans bundle is delivered via instant downloads. The plans are printable, so that you can pick out your project on the computer, print out the plans, and have them with you when you go to get materials and then work on your project.

You’ll always have the ideas and plans you need for your next project.
It really is a great resource to learn a lot and save time and money.

5 Free Shed Plans to Download

Get your 5 free shed plans right now and see what you can build.
Get your 5 free shed plans right now and see what you can build.

60 Days Warranty

Shed Kits or Pre-built Shed (prefab shed)?

First, if you feel able to build a shed by yourself, you can buy construction plans and materials. By this way you can cut the price in half. So now. let’s talk about building shed kits and pre-built sheds (prefab). You have to decide if you will assemble it by yourself (building kit) or if you buy a pre-built or built shed for you. This decision is based on the price range you can afford, your construction capabilities and your free time to assemble it. While shopping, be sure to compare all the features of the interesting sheds. Before buying an outdoor storage shed, you must answer many questions.

  • What is the finished wall cladding?
  • What kind of lumber is used?
  • What is the stud spacing?
  • Are wall sections toe-nailed (no double studs where wall sections meet)?
  • Are roof shingles included or not?
  • Is the floor included?
  • How high is the interior space?
  • Could you easily convert the storage shed into an office shed, a she shed or a workshop shed (depending on your plans and what you like)?

A DIY shed kit has the significant advantage (over pre-built sheds) to save you money and still have a professional built design and a nice look. A DIY shed kit can make the construction process efficient and funny, with pre-cut components and the step by step instructions. Of course, you will need the ability to use a measuring tape, a level and have common tools like a hammer and a drill.

A pre-built (prefab) shed is the one to buy if you do not have enough free time, or the desire or ability to assemble a kit.

Shed Kits for Sale

When you search and shop for a shed kit, be careful with the assembling details and instructions. You will see if most of the parts are pre-built or if all is only pre-cut. It will give you an idea of the hours to work on the construction.

Below you can see an example of an assembling instructions sheet.

Shed kit assembly: pre-cut material to nail together.
Shed kit assembly: pre-cut material to nail together.

Some inspirations for your next Garden Shed